Lubricant level switches

SKF lubricant level switches for oil, hydraulic and fluid reservoirs in centralized lubrication systems. Level switches are used to monitor the level of fluids in unpressurized reservoirs.

Various versions are available to meet the different requirements related to the monitoring of fluid levels:
  • to monitor the minimum level of fluid in a reservoir (one switching point): 995-001-901, 175-210-015/-016; WS32-x; WS63; WS68
  • to monitor the minimum level of fluid, an advance warning being emitted before a critical level is reached (two switching points): WS35-x
  • to monitor the minimum and maximum level of fluid in the reservoir, automatic topping up of the reservoir being terminated, before the maximum level is reached (two switching points): WS33-x
Level switches for different mounting positions:
  • vertical: WS32, WS33, WS35, 995-001-901, 175-210-015 /-016
  • horizontal: WS63, WS68 

In the table you can find technical details for lubricant level switches.

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