Progressive lubrication systems

SKF ProFlex for oil, semi-fluid grease and hard grease

SKF ProFlex progressive lubrication systems
SKF ProFlex progressive lubrication systems
System description:

A feed pump or flow limiter supplies lubricant through the main line to the distributor  that serves each outlet progressively, with a defined amount of lubricant. To control the system’s function, only one metering piston has to be controlled on a frequency basis.
SKF ProFlex progressive lubrication systems are designed for up to 150 lubrication points with grease or oil. In combination with parallel flow limiters, they can serve up to 1.000 lubrication points or even more with oil. SKF ProFlex includes a wide range of progressive distributors based on a block, segmental or modular design with 2 to 20 outlets, flow rates of 0,01 to 6.000 cm³/min. and system pressures as high as 300 bar.

  • Continuous delivery of lubricant during pump running time
  • Simple system blockage control
  • Easy system monitoring via series connection of metering pistons


SKF ProFlex systems are designed for small and medium-sized machines. They are used, for example, in the printing industry, construction machines, industrial presses and wind turbines.

Lubrication system components

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