Oil handling containers

A proper solution for oil handling

Oil handling containers LAOS series
LAOS Series includes a comprehensive assortment of drums and dispensing lids, which are fully interchangeable to meet virtually any specific lubrication requirements. The lids are available in ten different colours, in order to fit with any colour coded identification system in place.

  • Indeed, lubricant handling is one of the basic steps of a good lubrication management program.
  • Proper storage and handling of lubricating oils helps make lubrication tasks easier, safer and cleaner.
  • Lubricating machinery with polluted oil might result in extra costs in maintenance and production downtime.
  • Oil consumption has to be controlled due to its increasing cost and to minimise environmental effects.
  • Health and safety is also improved due to the minimisation of oil spills.


  • The unique ‘O’ ring sealing, twist spout and lid design, keep out rain, dust and other contaminants.
  • Heat and chemical resistant. Containers are rugged and durable as they are manufactured from special HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material, containing UV stabilisers and anti-static agents.*
  • Drums are see-through and have a measuring scale (in both metric and imperial units) so that lubricant levels are easy to identify and measure without opening the containers, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Their ergonomic design makes them easy to carry and manipulate in a safe and comfortable way.
  • Drum and lid threads are one size, allowing lid exchange to be a quick procedure, resulting in tight seals and easy assembly.
  • Drums are designed with wide openings to facilitate filling and cleaning processes.
  • The spouts have a quick twist design for easy opening and closing, whilst controlling flow and keeping contamination out.
  • Spout lids are provided with a push button vacuum valve, which helps to speed up and control the pouring of lubricants.

* Contact with strong oxidizing acids (e.g. ozone, hydrogen, peroxide, halogen etc.) should be avoided. Not suitable for fuels or solvents.
Mini spout
Mini spout
Ideal where the reservoirs to be filled have small filling holes. Outlet diameter is approx. 7 mm
(0.28 in.)
Stretch spout
Stretch spout
Ideal for precise pouring tasks and difficult to access points. The 12 mm (0.48 in.) outlet is ideal for viscosities up to ISO VG 220.
Stumpy spout
Stumpy spout
Due to the wide opening of 25 mm (1 in.), ideal for high viscosities and/or when a high flow is required.

LAOS series lids
Mini spoutStretch spoutStumpy spout
TanLAOS 09057 LAOS 09682 LAOS 09705 
GreyLAOS 09064 LAOS 09699 LAOS 09712 
OrangeLAOS 09088 LAOS 09798 LAOS 09729 
BlackLAOS 09095 LAOS 09804 LAOS 09736 
Dark greenLAOS 09101 LAOS 09811 LAOS 09743 
GreenLAOS 09118 LAOS 09828 LAOS 09750 
BlueLAOS 09125 LAOS 09835 LAOS 09767 
RedLAOS 09132 LAOS 09842 LAOS 09774 
PurpleLAOS 09071LAOS 09392 LAOS 09388 
YellowLAOS 09194 LAOS 62437 LAOS 64936 

Utility lid
Utility lid
Two main uses: Quick pouring if necessary and assembly of pump onto a 3,5 or 10 L drum (0.3 or 2.7 US Gal).
Contents label
For proper marking of drum contents.
LAOS series lids
Utility lidContents label
TanLAOS 09668 LAOS 06919S
GreyLAOS 09675 LAOS 06964S
OrangeLAOS 09866 LAOS 06940S
BlackLAOS 09873 LAOS 06995S
Dark green  LAOS 09880 LAOS 06971S
GreenLAOS 09897 LAOS 06957S
BlueLAOS 09903 LAOS 06988S
RedLAOS 09910 LAOS 06926S
PurpleLAOS 09408 LAOS 06933S
YellowLAOS 62451 LAOS 06902S
Designed with wide necks and a standard thread size. Fits any LAOS lid. Available in 5 different sizes.
Standard pump suitable for viscosities up to ISO VG 460. High flow (approx. 14 strokes per litre/US quart).
High viscosity pump for viscosities up to ISO VG 680. High efficiency with approx. 12 strokes per litre/US quart. As a protection against airborne contaminants during the pumping process, a 10 micron breather is available.
For both pumps an anti-drip long discharge hose of 1,5 m (4.9 ft) and reducer nozzles are available.
Hose extensions
Hose extensions
Designed to extend the reach of the lids. Two different versions available for stumpy and stretch lids. The stretch version‘s length can be adjusted by removing the fitting and cutting it down to the desired size.
LAOS series drums
LAOS 092241,5 litre drum (0.4 US gal)
LAOS 635712 litre drum (0.5 US gal)
LAOS 635953 litre drum (0.8 US gal)
LAOS 636185 litre drum (1.3 US gal)
LAOS 6625110 litre drum (2.6 US gal)
LAOS series pumps
LAOS 62567  Standard pump (to fit LAOS utility lids)*
LAOS 62568  High viscosity pump (to fit LAOS utility lids)*

*Pumps cannot be used with 1.5 litre (0.4 US gal) or 2 litre (0.5 US gal) drums.
LAOS 09422Pump reducer nozzle
LAOS 09423 
Breather for high viscosity pump
LAOS 67265  Stumpy spout hose extension
LAOS 62499Stretch spout hose extension
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