Oil and Gas

Magnetic systems in Oil & Gas

SKF is the world leader of Active Magnetic Bearing systems for the Oil & Gas industry with more than 700 references. The company manufactures according to ISO 9001, CE, CSA, API and other international standards.
The SKF Active Magnetic Bearing technology is the standard for high-speed Oil & Gas turbomachinery. These machines are used in very diverse environments: from gas treatment, production and transportation in Alaska and Siberia, to gas treatment, compression and ethylene manufacturing in Qatar, United Arabic Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The application of Active Magnetic Bearings in the process gas or combined with dry gas seals allows an oil free concept for compressors, turbo-expanders, turbines and high speed electric motors. Highest reliability is reached because there is no wear: the rotor is levitated by magnetic forces. In addition, this low maintenance concept avoids any process gas contamination and eliminates the usual lube oil problems such as dilution and viscosity decrease. The machines are more compact, lighter and are equipped with users-friendly monitoring systems showing such parameters as vibrations, process loads, temperatures and speed
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