Technology and key benefits

The SKF product range of Magnetic Systems comprises active magnetic bearings and permanent magnet high speed electric motors and generators, including power electronics with digital control and monitoring, and is dedicated to high speed commercial and industrial applications.

The SKF magnetic bearings are used for light to heavy rotating machines, providing increased performance and reliability in comparison with other mechanical, hydrodynamic or gas bearings.
The SKF variable and high speed permanent magnet electric motors are available up to the megawatt and provide the highest energy efficiency in comparison with other types of drives, including geared motors.

SKF’s Magnetic Systems is a sustainable solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial high speed applications, with focus on robustness, manufacturability and key performances:
  • high reliability
  • high energy efficiency
  • no mechanical component wear, thus longer service life
  • virtually maintenance-free
  • environmentally friendly, oil-free and contamination-free
  • very high speeds, virtually vibration-free
  • in built powerful condition monitoring
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