Anti corrosive agent

Anti corrosive agent LHRP 2
SKF LHRP 2 provides excellent long-term corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. When applied, it creates a stable rust protection film on the surface of the metal piece.
  • Excellent rust protection in high humidity environments
  • The thixotropic nature of the product facilitates the application process whilst creates a stable protective film
  • The residual films can be easily cleaned by slight mechanical agitation or heat, because of its thixotropic nature
  • Bearings do not need to be cleaned from SKF LHRP 2 prior to the application of greases, as it does not influence the performance of the greases *

* = Note: SKF Grease LGET 2 requires the film to be removed
  • Heavy protection (up to 9 months outdoor shed)
  • Good protection on copper and brass
  • No dripping
  • Low noise (in bearing)
  • Compatible with most bearing greases
  • Not sticky to most packaging papers

Technical data
DesignationLHRP 2/5, LHRP 2/180
Hazy brown gel like fluid
Kinematic viscosity
2,3 mm²/s, 100°C
0.835 g/cm³
Flash point (PMCC)
>62 °C
Pour point
<4 °C
Drying typical time
60-90 minutes
Coverage after 24 hours
20-50 g/m²
Copper staining ASTM D 130
Available pack sizes5 l can, 180 l drum
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