Hub bearing unit seals for light vehicles

As expert in bearing and seals, SKF is uniquely situated to understand the requirements for sealing wheel bearing units for cars and to translate these into advanced solutions.

SKF seals use advance materials and sealing lip designs to provide both low friction and excellent contamination exclusion which results in longer service life.

An integrated magnetic trigger wheels can optionally be included in the sealing system to provide a signal for ABS.

  • Independent axial excluder lips
  • Radial lip combined with grease lip
  • Patented spring loaded axial dirt excluder lip
  • Traditional “R-Safe” lip configuration
  • Stainless steel flinger as seal running surface
  • Friction optimized elastomeric materials
  • Integrated of magnetic trigger wheels to provide magnetic signal for ABS

  • Low friction for reduced power loss and CO2 emissions
  • Modular designs integrating multiple functions fitting into compact spaces
  • Long bearing life because of superior contamination exclusion and grease retention

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