Axle seals

Axle seal
SKF provides a full range of shaft seals for axle applications. For car and light truck as well as for heavy duty commercial vehicles. In their exposed locations beneath the vehicle, contamination exclusion is key to a long seal life and SKF offers a range of solutions addressing this issue.

  • Specially formulated advance elastomeric materials
  • Range of hydrodynamic features available
  • Radial and axial excluder lips
  • Many outer diameter options
  • Thermoplastic / rubber thrust bumper
  • Thermoplastic shaft guide where needed

  • Superior fluid and  temperature compatibility
  • Better pumping to pump excess fluid away from the sealing lip and shaft interface
  • Excellent contamination exclusion with sleeve working as a flinger and  labyrinth
  • Flanged OD allows proper seal assembly
  • Stainless steel sleeve for high durability under severe corrosive atmosphere
  • ½ metal : ½ rubber seal on sleeve  allows robust assembly and excellent static sealing while dissipating under-lip heat build-up
  • Thrust bumper provides proper lip interference and relative positioning. Shaft guide prevents seal damage during shaft installation
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