Output shaft seals

Unitized output shaft seal
SKF provides shaft seals for the output shafts of all types of drive-line units including transmissions, transfer cases, Rear Drive Modules (RDM) and Power Transfer Units (PTU).

Special designs are available to cope with high levels of contamination including cassette systems. Designs are also available with features to enable correct functioning with significant shaft run-out and misalignment.

  • Available for all applications in the drive-line
  • Wide range of materials for application specific needs such as ACM, AEM,  HNBR & FKM
  • Excellent dirt exclusion features with multiple radial and  axial dirt excluder lips
  • Hi-flex lip designs
  • Cassette designs – both unitized and non unitized with its own running surface for the seal lips

  • Compatibility with aggressive transmission oil additive packages
  • Wide temperature range
  • Long life – increased reliability
  • Capability to handle significant amounts of run-out and misalignments
  • Easy handling and assembly with a controlled running environment for the seal lips
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