Hub caps

For heavy duty commercial vehicles, the hub cap provides the final seal of the wheel bearing to the outside environment. SKF has a range of hub caps engineered to protect the components of the bearing over an extended life.

A variety of additional features such as an oil level window or pre-assembled bolts are designed to make life easier on assembly and in operation.

  • Embedded aluminium ring evenly distributes load
  • Moulded pressure ridge improves sealability
  • Proven centre-fill vented-plug design
  • Side fill plug incorporates O-ring for extra leak protection and magnet which traps metallic particles
  • Plated and pre-assembled bolts included
  • Oil level site window is fusion bonded to body
  • Patented “umbrella” style valve seals keep out contamination

  • Robust and lightweight design
  • Resistant against impact damage, weather, chemicals, UV radiation and ozone
  • Superior protection from ricocheting rocks and flooded shipping docks
  • Compatible with all common lubricants
  • Extended service life of bearings and hub units
  • Can be integrated with central tyre inflation systems

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