HDSD and HDSE seals - SKF Flex seals

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HDSD seals (fig 1), also known as SKF Flex seals as part of the CR Seals assortment, are designed with two sealing lips facing opposite directions. These seals are typically used in applications where two fluids must be kept separated. When using an HDSD seal, it is very important to provide a means to lubricate the sealing lips. To do this, the cavity between the sealing lips must be filled with grease prior to installation and/or during operation via lubrication holes drilled through the metal case into the cavity.
HDSE seals (fig 2) feature two sealing lips facing the same direction. They are typically used when a back-up seal would otherwise be needed for retention or exclusion purposes. Like HDSD seals, HDSE seals must be equipped with a means to lubricate the sealing lips so that the seal functions properly.
HDSD and HDSE seals are available with an SKF Springcover (HDSD2, HDSE2) or without an SKF Springcover (HDSD1, HDSE1) (fig 3). All of them are available in nitrile rubber, SKF Duralip, SKF Duratemp or SKF Duralife.
HDSE seals can also be designed with a PTFE auxiliary lip (fig 4 and fig 5), positioned and directed in either of the two ways.
HDSD and HDSE seals are available for all shaft diameters within the ranges listed in the table. A selection of available sizes is listed in the product table. Contact your SKF sales representative for additional information regarding availability.
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