Carboxylated Nitriles (CNBR or XNBR) are NBR compounds with an additional carboxyl group cross-link in the polymer.  This addition to the NBR polymer provides benefits such as improved abrasion resistance and fluid resistance.  Carboxylated Nitrile has excellent toughness, wear resistance and resistance to fluids.  Carboxylated Nitriles have very good high temperature resistance but are not well suited to use in cold weather.  Recommended application range is -18°C to +135°C (0°F to +275°F).
  1. 1)Values are typical averages only. Test information is based on specific conditions and limited sample size, and is only for general guidance. It does not supercede published data for the product. Customer must decide suitability for his purpose. Information applies at room temperature unless specified otherwise.
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