H-3004 is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).  It is suitable for use to replace polyurethane for higher temperatures and hostile fluids.  Like Lubrithane, it has excellent strength and toughness.  It has very high modulus and may be more challenging to install. H-3004 has excellent chemical resistance.  It is suitable for use from –54°C to +135°C (-65°F up to +275°F) in most fluids and may be used in water or phosphate ester fluids (except Skydrol) up to +180°F.  Consult factory for specific recommendations.  H-3004 is the most commonly recommended grade at 55 shore D hardness.  It is suitable for use in standard rod seal, Type B rod seal, lip seal, Z seal base and wiper applications.  H-3004 has an intermittent application temperature range of –54°C to +149°C (–65°F to +300°F).
  1. 1)Values are typical averages only. Test information is based on specific conditions and limited sample size, and is only for general guidance. It does not supercede published data for the product. Customer must decide suitability for his purpose. Information applies at room temperature unless specified otherwise.
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