Waviness, roundness and form analyser

Waviness, roundness and form analyser
Waviness on the bearing components can cause high vibration levels in most applications.  As the amplitude of these waves is as small as some nanometers, you can understand the importance of measuring accuracy and resolution.

Waviness testers from SKF allow analysis of the waviness on the components and thus give the production engineer a powerful tool to improve the production process.  Because low noise and vibration of bearings is becoming more important, there is a high demand on the measuring accuracy and resolution.
  • Rotational measuring system with top concentricity precision, with electronics and mechanics combined to perfection
  • Air-bearing spindle with run out better than 0,02 µm and velocity-proportional evaluation gives you direct indication of the waviness level of the component
  • The calibration of this equipment is also very important and is performed to an excellent standard by SKF.
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