Petrochemical refiner decreases maintenance spending by 10%

A major petrochemical refiner adopted the process of Operator Driven Reliability to improve overall equipment reliability, enhance the timeliness and quality of feedback to operators, and foster cross-functional teamwork and communications. Additionally, they wanted to inspire a culture of ownership and accountability among operators for the equipment they use.

This program resulted in increased revenue, reduced costs, elimination of paper rounds and redundant reporting, quicker access to data for faster business decisions, and a work force mutually focused on reliability based activities, without failures. Within the first year after implementation, mean time between failures of process pumps improved 15%, while the cost to maintain these pumps decreased 12%. Within the same time period, total maintenance spending decreased 10% and accumulative specific operator finds exceeded $350,000 in cost avoidance. Based on these results, this refiner is expanding their ODR programme to their other refineries and chemical facilities.

Decrease maintenance spending by 10-20%

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