Maintenance strategy review (MSR) awareness


Before we explore the technical details of strategy, we must know about each organization and what their issues are, why which issues matter to whom, and how the issues can be ordered into a plan.

There must be a documented need to look at an existing maintenance strategy or create a new one for the right and unique business reasons.

Course objectives

The course objectives are to ensure that each participant will:
  • know if a review of strategy is required and why
  • recognize the importance of data structure and content before you do any kind of strategy work
  • understand the importance of identifying and categorizing assets
  • understand that there are differing types of criticality at different levels for different purposes
  • understand what will likely be involved in total to conduct the right analysis, but then what the implications are of making the strategy work
  • recognize the commonalities and difference in possible strategies
  • understand that the conduct of MSR has important implications to spares
  • understand that certain classes of equipment require specialized approaches to strategy review.

Recommended for

  • Maintenance, plant/facility engineering staff, rotating equipment engineers and maintenance supervisors.
  • Managers at industrial plants, reliability engineers and those interested inrotating equipment performancesible for rotating equipment performance and reliability.


Physical attendance, including a number of enlight E-training modules, necessary reading of a balance of references to SKF @ptitude Exchange, and external documents.
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