SKF Reliability Centred Maintenance (SRCM)


The aim of this training is to provide participants the necessary knowledge of the SKF maintenance strategy review to understand the basics of streamlined SKF Reliability Centered Maintenance (SRCM).

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course students will have the knowledge to:
  • Know how to describe the SRCM process flow
  • Recognize the importance of data structure and content before you do any kind of strategy work
  • Understand the importance of identifying and categorizing assets
  • Understand criticality and the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) approach in SRCM
  • Understand how to develop a SRCM analysis, as well as the implications of making the strategy work
  • Understand why to conduct a task comparison
  • Understand methods needed for SRCM implementation
  • Recognize what a living program is

Recommended for

Maintenance, plant/facility engineering staff, rotating equipment engineers, maintenance supervisors, managers at industrial plants, reliability engineers and those interested in rotating equipment performance.


  • MB03017 Methodology SRCM
  • MS130 Maintenance strategy review
  • MB05004 Redefining Your Maintenance Strategy Using the SRCM Process
  • MB02029 Criticality analysis in perspective
  • MB07005 TPM with SRCM
  • MB03016 RCM That Works - SRCM
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