Bearing in rotating machinery applications


This course focuses on the four most common types of rotating equipment: motors, fans, pumps and gearboxes using a system approach to machinery life extension. Familiar machinery is used as a starting point to teach/learn world-class techniques for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting
and repair that can be carried over to all types of rotating machines.

Instruction is accomplished using a combination of hands-on training, audio visuals, lectures and discussion opportunities.

Course objectives

The course objective is to teach the attendee how to improve the service life of machinery with rolling bearing equipment systems.

Recommended for

  • Service, maintenance, machine repair, or plant/facility engineering staff of an industrial plant, OEM facility, institution, public utility or commercial building which uses rolling bearings and related equipment.
  • Managers and technicians at industrial plants and OEM facilities responsible for rolling bearing performance and reliability.
  • Rotating equipment engineers, reliability engineers, millwrights, mechanics, and maintenance supervisors.
  • Those interested in rolling bearing and rotating equipment performance.
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