Lubrication of rolling bearings


This course covers real-world bearing lubrication in a dynamic, skills-based learning approach. Upon course completion, students will have learned the skills needed to choose, apply and maintain lubricants, and lubricating procedures in bearing applications plant wide.

Case histories will be used to demonstrate concepts and stimulate discussion. Students will be guided through examples, then apply the concepts to arrive at practical solutions to their own in-plant situations.

Course objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to evaluate and select appropriate lubricants for a wide variety of rolling element bearing applications.

Recommended for

Maintenance personnel and engineers responsible for bearing lubrication, lubricant specification and lubrication system planning and design.


RMI On-line course
  • Lubrication, PTB004
  • Lubrication analysis basics, WE140

Participants must have read the following documents on @ptitude Exchange:
  • Lubricants: Fundamentals of lubrication, NC_03_ Lub101
  • Electric motor lubrication, NC_04001
  • Grease select, NC_03
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