Bearing reliability in paper machines


Hands-on training, audio-visuals, lectures and discussion opportunities. Topics include:
  • review of bearing basics
  • shaft and journal preparation
  • mounting and dismounting
  • special housings
  • fundamentals of lubrication
  • bearing damage causes and analysis.

Course objectives

To provide information to improve the service life of rolling element bearings in paper machines.

Recommended for

  • Service, maintenance, machine repair, roll shop or plant/facility engineering staff of a paper machine.
  • Managers and technicians of paper machines and OEM facilities responsible for rolling bearing performance and reliability.
  • Rotating equipment engineers, reliability engineers, millwrights, mechanics, and maintenance supervisors.
  • Those interested in rolling element bearing and rotating equipment performance in paper machines.


RMI On-line course
  • Spherical roller bearings, GRB002
  • CARB toroidal roller bearings, GRB004

Participants must have read the following documents on @ptitude Exchange:
  • Rolling bearing in paper machines, SKF_4690_E
  • Lubrication practices in paper mills, GS04004
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