Precision shaft alignment, laser system


This course focuses on specific procedures for using today’s laser alignment systems and the fundamental concepts and skills required to perform precision alignment. The unique approach provides not only an understanding of the specific procedures to follow for the laser system being used, but also the foundation to understand why and how the system works the way it does.

Up to 50% of this course consists of guided hands-on activities. It is requested that participants bring their instruments to

Course objectives

The course objective is to teach students how to align two coupled rotating machinery shafts to specified tolerances using a laser alignment system, including proper planning, rough and precision alignment processes per approved procedures.

Recommended for

  • Maintenance, engineering, technical support and management personnel whose job functions involve alignment of rotating machinery.
  • Appropriate for those who align machines and those who detect, investigate and resolve premature machinery failure due to misalignment.
  • Those who direct activities relative to alignment and machine reliability.


RMI On-line course
  • Shaft alignment basics, WE140

Participants must have read the following documents on @ptitude Exchange:
  • Shaft alignment introduction, Fixturlaser_01
  • Shaft alignment benefits, Fixturlaser_02
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