Precision Shaft Alignment - Laser Systems


This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and skills required to perform precision alignment with today's laser alignment systems. Proper machine inspections and preparation are essential to identify underlying machinery and foundation issues that may impact machinery operation and reliability. These pre-alignment steps ultimately ensure that the final alignment can be conducted efficiently and effectively - optimum precision in a timely fashion. Solutions are provided for alignment challenges such as base-bound and bolt-bound and thermal growth. An overview of various alignment methods is provided with an emphasis on laser systems.

Course objectives

The course objective is to teach students how to align two coupled rotating machinery shafts to specified tolerances using a laser alignment system, including proper planning, rough and precision alignment processes per approved procedures.

Recommended for

  • Maintenance, engineering, technical support and management personnel whose job functions involve alignment of rotating machinery
  • Appropriate for those who align machines and those who detect, investigate and resolve premature machinery failure due to misalignment
  • Those who direct activities relative to alignment and machine reliability


  • WE140 Shaft alignment basics
  • GS02011 Machinery mounting
  • GS04007 Belt Alignment
  • AF04005_fan_WE Fans - work execution
  • EV0L04_no2_p21 Providing a good foundation for machines
  • RB02008 Shaft couplings
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