Fundamentals of machine condition


Designed for maximum class participation. A combination of overhead presentations, group exercises, video tapes, and written reviews are used to peak participant interest and encourage participation and understanding.

Course objectives

The course objective is to provide a practical approach to detecting and analyzing common machinery problems using vibration monitoring and analysis.

Recommended for

  • Engineers and technicians whose responsibilities require them to be proficient in the setup and use of the SKF condition monitoring system.
  • Maintenance supervisors, predictive maintenance coordinators, reliability engineers, inspectors, shop supervisors, advanced mechanics, and millwrights who wish to become familiar with vibration monitoring and analysis.


RMI On-line course
  • Lubrication analysis basics, WI14

Participants must have read the following documents on @ptitude Exchange:
  • Basic elements of a comprehensive root cause analysis program, NC_0702
  • Bearing failures and their causes, P1410_E
  • Root cause analysis, GS02003
  • RCFA report template, GS02008
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