SKF Machine Suite for SKF MARLIN and SKF Machine Inspector

CMTR 704

Introduces the SKF MARLIN system data collection features and fault detection capabilities to the new user and SKF Machine Suite database management, data display, and data reporting features.

Course description
Course topics are organized according to the steps necessary to operate the product.
  • Setup and utilize the machine condition detector (MCD) as a stand-alone probe to monitor overall machinery and bearing vibration and temperature
  • Installation and use of SKF MARLIN quick connect stud
  • Set up and utilize the SKF MARLIN data manager to monitor and record machinery condition and plant process data
  • Use the SKF MARLIN data manager to review data in the field
  • Build a SKF MARLIN measurement database using Machine suite software
  • Transfer data between SKF Machine Suite and the SKF MARLIN data manager
  • Display and generate trends and reports

SKF continues to add new SKF MARLIN hardware and software platforms. The SmartStart program will be tailored to match customer specific systems and requirements.
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