Introduction to modal and operating deflection shape analysis

To provide a new user with a working knowledge of Experimental Modal Analysis, Operating Deflection Shape Analysis, and Visual Acoustic Analysis from a field engineer perspective. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to create structural models of plant machinery, generate and import Experimental Modal and Operating Deflection Shape analysis measurements, and create machinery animations.

Course description
Introductory analysis lecture
  • Advanced analysis without complex mathematics
  • Understand modes of simplified shapes (Beams, Plates, Shells)
  • Extrapolate simple structures to more complex systems
  • Simplifying the frequency response function (FRF)
  • Visual interpretation of modal data and modal parameters
  • ODS and modal case histories

Hands-on MEscope software training
  • Establish a project
  • Create a structure
  • Import data from your data acquisition platform
  • ODS & ODS FRF data interpretation
  • Modal data interpretation
  • Acoustic & vibro-acoustic data interpretation
  • Modal analysis curve fitting
  • Structural dynamics modification (SDM)
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