SKF Machine condition advisor


This course introduces the SKF machine condition advisor, and its application in assessing the condition of rotating machinery. This involves three key tasks:
  • Preparing and planning for measurements
  • Collecting and recording readings
  • Evaluating the collected data to detect changes in machinery condition

Tuition is divided into four main lessons:
  1. The basics: this lesson introduces the SKF machine condition advisor as a predictive maintenance tool, and describes the three determinants of machine condition that it measures.
  2. Instrument setup: in this lesson you will learn how to prepare the instrument for use, and how to configure the instrument to suit your own preferences.
  3. Using the instrument: a virtual instrument is used to collect data from a typical fan. A simple data recording system is discussed, and instruction offered regarding the evaluation of the collected data.
  4. Practical conditions: this lesson considers some of the practical difficulties that might be encountered in using the advisor on real process machinery. Once again, a virtual instrument is used to collect data from a typical machine.

The course is intended for use in conjunction with the manual supplied with the instrument. On completion you will have the opportunity to take a test, to check your understanding of the topics covered during the course.

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