Vibration analysis of plain bearings


Vibration analysis is one of the best methods to diagnose all types of defects and inaccuracies in electrical machines. Electrical machines will be subjected to all inaccuracies like any mechanical equipment.

In addition, these machines shall be subjected to all types of electrical inaccuracies as well. Therefore, vibration analysis of electrical machines are more complex than mechanical equipment.

The method of using vibration analysis to identify mechanical defects is separately covered in our earlier courses and the same methodology shall be equally applicable on electrical machines such as motors, generators etc.

This course covers the vibration analysis and diagnostic studies of electrical machines such as motors, generators etc.

List of topics
  • General construction of electrical machines
  • Vibration analysis of electrical machines
  • Line frequency vibration and slot frequency vibration
  • Stator and rotor defects
  • Non-uniform air gap and motor magnetic field

High points
This course gives an in-depth overview of methods of using vibration analysis of electrical machines to diagnose problems causing various stator and rotor defects, non uniform air gap etc.

Practical tips, exhaustive case studies and stimulating exercises.

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