Dismounting of rolling element bearings and failure analysis


When shafts and bearings are damaged during the dismounting of bearings, there is always a cost associated with it, in terms of both time and material.

In addition, the use of the wrong tools and techniques for dismounting can be hazardous to the operator.

This course basically gives information about how dismounting of bearings can cause damage to both the bearings and associated components. This demonstrates how to avoid using incorrect tools and techniques.

List of topics
  • Basic principles
  • Cold dismounting
  • Hot dismounting
  • Dismounting tools
  • Bearing damages and failures

High points
This course gives an in-depth overview of:
  • Methods of dismounting bearings using the correct tools
  • Ways to increase the life of the bearing with minimal wear and tear

This knowledge will be a springboard for the user and will help him in understanding the course covers vibration analysis of bearings, mounting and dismounting.

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