Vibration analysis of rolling element bearings


Condition monitoring of rolling element bearings using vibration analysis can prevent a majority of problems and failures.

This course is designed to teach you more about the basics of rolling element bearings. It covers vibration theory and bearing vibration in detail.

List of topics
  • Basics of vibration
  • Bearing vibration, variable compliance vibration
  • Geometrical, perfections and see (spectral emitted energy)
  • Random ultrasonic frequencies, natural frequencies of bearing components
  • Spike energy measurements, rotational defect frequencies
  • Bearing damages and failure

High points
This course gives an in-depth overview of:
  • Vibration analysis of rolling element bearings to diagnose problems in bearings during operation
  • Methods of reducing the stoppage of machinery
  • Methods of increasing the life of machine/bearing

Practical tips, exhaustive case studies and stimulating exercises.

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