SKF Energy Monitoring Service - Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems
SKF Energy Monitoring Service - Compressed Air Systems is a comprehensive energy management and monitoring programme for compressed air systems. Adoption of this programme will not only help you build a successful energy management programme, but also make an immediate contribution to reduced costs in your plant.

Saving you money!

Compressed air is perhaps the most common industrial infrastructure system in use today and is frequently referred to as the "fourth utility."

However, the United States Department of Energy assessments suggest up to 30% of the system capacity can be lost to leaks if there is no comprehensive leak detection and repair programme in place. Therefore, the opportunities to reduce costs at your plant through comprehensive management of your compressed air system could be significant!

Energy monitoring

SKF provides a complete and standardized approach to energy monitoring, helping to develop awareness and understanding of industrial compressed air system energy use and CO2 emissions.

Our approach uses proven methodologies for compressed air leak detection and calculation of system losses and energy efficiency.

Benefits include

  • Cost savings - Through identification of opportunities for system optimization and energy reduction
  • Expert program management - Professional data collection and analysis with recommendations for actions to improve system efficiency
  • Best practices - Combining SKF condition monitoring technologies and route based inspections with industry accepted best practice for monitoring and calculating energy and CO2 emissions
  • ODR based - Applying proven Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) tools and methodology to engage plant operators and management staff in energy awareness, energy management and CO2 reduction activities
  • Integration - Combining energy data with existing condition monitoring programmes for data screening, analysis and reporting
  • Flexible resourcing - Executed using internal staff trained by SKF or by SKF under a field service contract

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