Our competences

Every project is unique each customer is different when it comes to industry, applications, requirements, size and financial possibilities. After discussion with the customer, SKF Engineering Consultancy Services brings the right knowledge and tools together and combines them into a tailor-made offer.

Application expertise

SKF has over 100 years of experience of rotating equipment, and how machine components are interrelated, in every major industry worldwide. SKF Engineering Consultancy Services works on a daily basis with a big variety of customer applications and company sizes, ranging from industrial to automotive industries and aerospace to racing industries. All SKF Engineering Consultancy Services team members are experienced engineers, many with a background in application engineering.

Calculations and computer simulations

To help customers compare alternative designs, verifying existing and new machines, identifying root causes of failing machines, good simulation tools are essential. Using both SKF propriety tools as well as commercial tools we can verify if a bearing arrangement fulfils the functional requirements, for example that it has been dimensioned correctly and that reliable operation is obtained based on the actual operating conditions.

Lubrication engineering and tribology

SKF Engineering Consultancy Services has been involved in lubrication advises for complicated applications such as marine propulsion, vacuum pumps, and off-shore wind turbines. Other typical activities are lubrication analysis of tested or failing applications, checking for the condition of the used lubricants as well as chemical elements and contaminants in lubricants.

Material analysis

SKF Engineering Consultancy Services can analyze the operating and lubrication conditions of bearings; during testing, in production or after failure. Often visual inspection is enough to draw conclusions and to make recommendations for required changes and improvements. When needed we can also use more advanced techniques to predict remaining life with X-Ray diffraction, or evaluate bearing surface conditions and elements using Scanning Electron Microscopes.

Design for Six Sigma

SKF Engineering Consultancy Services applies the Design for Six Sigma methodology. This is a structured way of working, using proven quality tools to help ensure design optimization and robustness.

Typical activities are sensitivity studies by means of Design of Experiments, which let us identify parameters that offer the biggest improvement potential in a design, leading to optimized performance and reliability.

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