New machine development

Design problems are usually difficult to find but easy to fix. After a product launch they are easy to find but expensive to fix. SKF Engineering Constancy Services can help to reduce total costs by shortening the development time and getting the machine design right from the start.

Selecting the right concepts and reducing the risks

Our experts can complement or even replace costly and time-consuming physical testing by using proprietary software to analyze new machinery, including bearings and all other machine components, while still in the design stage. The resulting analysis can then be used to identify areas for performance and reliability optimization. “Design for Six Sigma” tools let us help you with concept selection and evaluation together with risk assessment techniques.

Shorter time to market

With our advanced calculations and simulations tools, we can increase the knowledge of your application and reduce risks by identifying design improvements that are most critical or most promising for optimization. We can evaluate design parameters that are difficult to measure experimentally and handle complex designs. All this minimize the need for field tests, resulting in shorter time to market, reduced costs, and optimized performance.

Take a closer look at knowledge engineering at work

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