3D measurement

We are also offering 3D-measurement services. With the Sokkia MONMOS Total Station we can measure for example parallelity and distances. We often provide these services for paper-, steel- and board mills.


SKF provides geometric and shaft alignment services for different industries:
  • Paper- and board mills
  • Printing Steel mills
  • Power plants
  • Cranes
  • Petro-chemical

Example of projects: Georgia-Pacific Nederland B.V. Paper Projects B.V. Starting 1-1-2006 all requests for Industrial services and products within the Benelux countries will be handled by SKF Reliability Systems. Please look under Distributors for contact details in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.


SKF Marine Industry Service Centre has over the last two decades established a good reputation in the marine field for the erection, alignment and mounting of propulsion plants and auxiliary equipment.

Recent turnkey projects:
  • 3D measurements on board container vessel Johannes Maersk
  • SSCV Hermod
  • On board Berge Stahl
  • On board J.F.J. DE NUL
  • World's Largest Water Jet

Click here for more information on the turnkey projects or to see the "Marine and Offshore" movie.
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