Pump rebuilding

Is reliable pump system performance a constant challenge? An SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder can help.

The performance of pump systems can frequently hinder manufacturing and process industry operations. Such challenges can result in a drop in productivity, increased energy costs, or worse yet, unplanned downtime and expensive maintenance and repairs.

As one of the world's leading supplier of bearings and engineering solutions to the pump industry, SKF has a thorough understanding of what it takes to maintain industrial pump system performance.

What if you had access to a repair facility that had this same understanding? One that could offer the right experience and expertise to quickly, efficiently, and effectively diagnose and repair your pump systems?

Now you can - thanks to the SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder Program.

To earn the SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder designation, repair facilities must meet a stringent, structured portfolio of standards and specifications. These requirements translate into longer, more reliable pump service life for plant facilities like yours.

Three reasons to choose an SKF Certified Pump Rebuilder

  1. The right know-how. The fact is, approximately 80% of pump failures relate to bearings and mechanical seals. While it's no surprise that high-quality bearings are key for reliable pumps, the right bearings alone won't deliver the results you need. How parts are installed, lubricated, handled, stored, aligned, transported, and maintained is equally important. At SKF-certified shops, technicians complete extensive training in pump system analysis, bearing installation, lubrication systems, and condition monitoring technologies - giving them the skills they need to perform optimal diagnoses and repairs.
  2. The right resources. SKF Certified Rebuilders have access to our unparalleled collection of parts, tools, and technical support. They're kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. And they're empowered to perform root-cause failure analyses and troubleshooting. In short, they have the resources needed to do your repair right.
  3. The right approach. Becoming SKF-certified isn't a one-time process. Rather, all SKF Certified Rebuilders must complete regular audits to ensure compliance with our rigorous standards. They must also meet our requirements for continuous improvement and competence development. Because when we improve, so do your bottom-line benefits, including enhanced performance and reduced cost of ownership.
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