Gearbox commissioning

SKF commissioning services can help optimize gearbox and driveline service life. You can rely on SKF to properly install your reconditioned unit, align it with the electric motor, and correctly perform the first start-up. Under nominal working conditions (load, speed and temperature), a vibration acquisition can be performed to set the base for future comparisons. SKF Remote Diagnostic Services are the best way to keep your reconditioned unit continuously monitored and running optimally after commissioning.

Alignment services and tools

Inaccurate alignment can result in gearbox and motor bearing overloads, excessive torque loss and premature failure. Laser alignment tools from SKF provide accurate shaft-to-shaft alignment.

First gearbox start-up

SKF engineers switch on the gearbox and progressively bring it up to the nominal rotational speed. The temperature of each bearing is checked, measuring the values at defined intervals. Once the gearbox has reached the operating temperature, it is ready for vibration acquisition.

Gearbox vibration fingerprinting

Recording a vibration fingerprint of the whole system after installation helps to monitor the asset and understand and evaluate its periodic health over time. Additionally, SKF can support you in creating a vibration baseline for newly installed gearboxes, for future vibration comparison and analysis.
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