On-site and predictive maintenance

Unplanned shutdowns due to failing spindles are expensive in terms of repair costs and production loss. SKF can assist to detect and prevent spindle failures before they occur and resolve problems on-site.

Using sophisticated condition monitoring equipment, such as SKF Spindle Assessment Kit, which assess and identifies developing spindle problems, we can perform on-site spindle condition checks. The spindle check and adjustment services can include:
  • vibration control
  • imbalance validation and fine balancing
  • tool taper run-out inspection and refurbishment.
  • pull force check and adjustment.

Predictive Maintenance

Given their critical role in production, spindles need a predictive maintenance program that can prevent costly unplanned downtime. SKF can assist with the implementation of a spindle monitoring program, and it can be based on our on-site services.

The range of SKF Microlog handheld data collectors, SKF Spindle Assessment kit or the SKF Machine Tool Observer, can help and train maintenance teams to carry out periodic inspections and maintenance.
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