Spindle reconditioning and upgrades

The spindle determines the final product quality and affects machine tool productivity, efficiency and maintenance requirements. SKF offer capabilities for reconditioning and optimization of machine tool spindles with unmatched global support, providing services for spindles with different:
  • designs
  • technologies
  • brands
  • defects and problems
  • applications.

Spindle reconditioning

Our spindle service centers follow a defined reconditioning process:
  • disassembly and condition evaluation
  • determine of corrective actions
  • dynamic balancing
  • motor and sensors validation
  • testing and run-in
  • service reporting.

Spindle upgrade

When returning a spindle to its original operating condition, SKF can also provide spindle upgrades and improvements such as: 
  • alternative super-precision bearings
  • re-design of bearing, seal and lubrication arrangements
  • sensors for speed, temperature, vibration, shock and humidity.
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