1. How to become SKF distributor?

To meet the requirements of business development, SKF (China) Co., Ltd. is sincerely recruiting regional distributors in the markets with relatively better industrial basis (including secondary and tertiary markets).

Criteria for distributor:

  • Strong awareness of brand promotion with intention of long-term development in industrial bearings business;
  • Rich experience in development of industrial product market network and efficient sales team;
  • Certain operation scale and advanced management concept;
  • Has established business operation sites (POS) and warehouse logistics system;
  • Marketing and service experience in general industrial products (machinery,mechatronics,bearings,industrial lubricant, etc.) and business relationship with major industrial enterprises (including partnership and sole proprietorship) preferred.

For anyone interested in, please contact SKF with company profile enclosed.

2. What is the committment of SKF certified distributors?

Committment to customers

Provide value-added SKF products and services to customers.

Reject the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit bearings and assist SKF in brand maintenance.

Help customers improve effiency and save energy with SKF quality products and solutions.

Committment to society

Act with responsibility to society.

Dynamically make contributions to society; support and participate in public welfare.

Responsible for environment and contribute to sustainable development of eco system.

Committment to distributors

Create a competitive and ethical business environment.

Defend a fair market competition.

Mutual trust and be honest.

Committment to 1>SKF

Comply with SKF contract stipulations and relevant SKF policies and regulations.

3. Does SKF classify its certified distributors?

Currently, SKF classifies its certified distributors into the following three categories:

1)Industrial Authorized Distributor. PromoteSKF products of five platforms as well as PT products and services

2)Product Authorized Distributor. Focus on products of certain SKF platform;

3Authorized Distributor serving specific major end customers'TFO/TFS

For new business opportunities in the future,SKFwill consider creating more new business cooperation modes.

All authorized distributors will be directly supported bySKF.

4. What is SKF Certified Maintenance Partner (CMP)?

SKF CMP (Certified Maintenance Partner)Program

SKF CMP is a new distributor program introduced bySKF,aiming to help distributors avoid high cost and risk when entering proactive maintenance services. Specifically,SKF local experts will cooperate with sales and technicians of distributors and impart relevant knowledge and tools.

SKF CMPMembers

SKFCertified Industrial Maintenance Service Partner

is the cooperative organization which was selected from SKFcertified distributors and received SKFprofessional training, being capable of providing industrial maintenance service. It can leverageSKF100-year knowledge resources gained from global industries to offer optimum services to customers.

SKF CMPmembers can:

  • help you set up proper proctive maintenance management system;
  • help you inspect the equipment and explain its operating conditions to avoid major equipment accident.
  • Recommend proper maintenance plan, save maintenance time and cost and increase equipment uptime;
  • Be the comprehensive agent or offerthe following products and services ofSKF >in equipment reliability management:

1.Maintenance evaluation consultancy

  • Maintenance auditEvaluation of enterprise maintenance current status
  • Streamlined Reliability-centred Maintenance(SRCM ®)consultancy
  • Risk-based Maintenance(RBM)consultancy
  • Operator-driven Reliability(ODR)consultancy
  • Computerized Maintenance Management SystemCMMSdata optimization and upload
  • Maintenance part optimization and stock evaluation

2.Reliability Maintenance Service

  • SKF Integrated Maintenance Solutions - IMS
  • 0 Proactive Reliability Maintenance - PRM
  • Proactive Maintenance Service- PdM
  • Failure Root Cause Analysis– RCFA
  • Mechine maintenance service: bearing installation instruction, large bearing repair, precision main shaft maintenance
  • aser alignment and on-site dynamic balance
  • Equipment reliability knowledge website:www.aptitudexchange.com

3.Condition monitoring and diagnosis products

  • Data collection and spectrum analyzerMicrolog®
  • Spot Inspection instrumentMarlin® Pro
  • Handheld analyzerMicroVibe® P
  • Online monitoring moduleMCT,CMU,MasCon®and sensor
  • Condition Monitoring SoftwareMachine Analyst®(Machine analyzer)
  • Maintenance Decision Support System@ptitude®
  • Basic condition monitor: vibration, temperature, rev, stethoscopy, leak detection
  • Laser alignment: rotating shaft alignment, pulley alignment

4.Technical training

  • Bearing maintenance and care training
  • Root cause analysis of bearing failure(RCFA)training
  • Condition monitoring training-CoMo Basic, CoMo Analysis (I)
  • American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Internationally Certified Condition Monitoring Specialists training.
  • Product training
  • Other application technical training: laser alignment, dynamic balance, lubricant monitoring, etc.
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