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SKF new solutions for Scuderia Ferrari's 2014 F1 car

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    Scuderia Ferrari F14 T
    Scuderia Ferrari F14 T

    2014 March 11, 14:00 CET

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 11 March 2014: SKF has developed many new solutions for the brand new Scuderia Ferrari F14 T which was officially launched on January 25th.

    An important job has been done by SKF for the Ferrari power unit which will be racing from next F1 season onwards. This V6 engine, which features a hybridization level never achieved before, provides fuel savings of up to 30% for extended endurance through powerful  energy recovery system.

    Products provided by SKF include hybrid bearings with new ceramic rollers, customized plain bearings designed with the most modern aerospace technologies, and high performance powder bearings. 
    All these products have to withstand very extreme running conditions - reliability, friction reduction and wear resistance are the most important characteristics - for a very long time. 

    "For over 65 years, SKF has teamed up with the Scuderia Ferrari to meet the most demanding and exciting technical challenges year over year. SKF is proud to take part alongside Ferrari in this new amazing journey into the Formula One history with the forthcoming turbocharged V6 engine”, says Jean-Sylvain Migliore, SKF Racing Unit Manager. 

    In addition to the SKF solutions for the 2014 F1 car, Scuderia Ferrari recognises the relationship that has developed with SKF.

    "We know how SKF works and we know the engineers of the Racing Unit well, who are always ready to accept our requests and support development projects. The partnership between SKF and Ferrari foresees periodic meetings at Maranello, but it is in an emergency that you can really measure their efficiency. SKF is fast and effective especially in the case of bearing problems in a Formula One vehicle. They have done an excellent job for the 2014 project, in particular on the gearbox, the engine and energy recovery systems.
    In 2014, in fact,, with the new regulations, we will be changing both the loading and conditions of use, therefore the collaboration with SKF engineers  will be even more important", says Simone Resta, Deputy Chief Designer, Scuderia Ferrari.

    The first official document recognising the partnership between Scuderia Ferrari and SKF, is a telegram dated back to 1948 from Ferrrari congratulating SKF for their technical cooperation which helped Ferrari win a historical "Mille Miglia".

    The most recent official sponsorship agreement signed in 2012 includes the supply of bearings for wheel ends, suspension, transmission, engine and Energy Recovery System, as well as sealing solutions and engineering services particularly in the field of condition monitoring systems. SKF supplies Scuderia Ferrari with around 150 components, which means virtually all of the bearings assembled on an F1 car. SKF later transfers the developed technology into offers for the general automotive industry.

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