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SKF Gear Bearing Unit takes load carrying capacity to a whole new level

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    2014 June 11, 14:00 CET

    Gothenburg, Sweden, June 11: SKF has launched a new solution that helps truck OEMs to downsize engines while maintaining the same performance, or keep the same engine and increase the performance.  The SKF Gear Bearing Unit offers higher load carrying capacity and Power Take Off torque, enabling truck OEMs to offer even greater efficiency to their customers.


    The SKF Gear Bearing Unit is a ready to use (Plug & Play) solution. It is easy to install and interchangeable with current units. The new solution incorporates a roller bearing, as opposed a plain bearing, which offers the customer a series of benefits.  The change to roller bearings has enabled significantly increased power intensity, the integration of a gear unit and a reduction of oil flow and oil pump size. Plain bearings require a separated oil supply and also oil pressure for lubrication; in contrast the SKF Gear Bearing Unit needs only oil mist lubrication and therefore enables optimized oil metering.


    “The SKF Gear Bearing Unit is a compact, unique solution exclusively from SKF,” explains Anja Riedl, New Market Offer &Marketing Manager, Trucks. “This solution provides the user with a laboratory verified solution that is new in the market and specially designed for the trucks industry. The SKF Gear Bearing Unit enables users to carry higher loads, downsize or maintain the same engine size while increasing performance, meeting the market need for higher Power Take Off performance in the engine. It also allows OEMs to increase engine service life, which means less downtime for customers.”


    The SKF Gear Bearing Unit has been tested successfully at customer and is running in series production now.


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