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New SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System cuts haulage costs and increases safety

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    2015 April 13, 16:01 CEST

    The innovative new SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will help truck operators cut cost and improve safety

    Gothenburg, 13 April 2015: SKF is launching an innovative tyre pressure monitoring device for use on heavy goods vehicles. The SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will be shown for the first time at the Hannover Fair 2015 and has been introduced to help haulage companies and fleet operators reduce the cost of tyre repairs and replacement, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while improving road safety.

    The SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is designed for use in the OEM segment, for truck and trailer manufacturers. This latest innovation is part of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, which includes solutions that deliver significant environmental benefits.

    The system comprises robust modules that are mounted externally on each wheel. These monitor tyre pressure and temperature and are designed to eliminate the problems of air leakage that can often be found with other methods using external monitoring air-tubes. Data is captured and transmitted wirelessly using a high signal strength of 2.4 GHz to a central control unit. This uses advanced algorithms to calculate tyre pressure accurately, with the output being shown to the driver in real time on a dashboard display.

    The entire system is efficient, reliable and simple to install and use.

    Stephanie Petremont, SKF Project Manager, Automotive, says, “Research has shown that 32% of all truck downtime is related to problems with tyres. In particular, incorrectly pressurised tyres will increase fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, reduce tyre life and, in extreme conditions cause potentially dangerous blow-outs. As an example, over or under inflation of a tyre by 15% can reduce tyre life by as much as 10%, while 10% under inflation of all tyres on a vehicle leads to an increase in fuel consumption; in real terms, The SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System would help a three-axle semi-trailer truck driving 160000 km per year to cut CO2 emissions by 7.58 g/km and save 500 litres of diesel per year.”

    Further information can be found at a specially constructed exhibit at the Hannover Fair, on stand B12 in Hall 22 and also at

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