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SKF to showcase upstream and downstream solutions at METEC 2015

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    2015 June 17, 13:00 CEST

    SKF will present a range of innovative products and services, customised to meet the needs of the Metallurgy Industry at METEC

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 17 June 2015: At METEC 2015, SKF will be demonstrating a range of innovations that improve reliability and efficiency for upstream and downstream applications.

    Backed by extensive metal-making application experience and real-world successes, these SKF solutions can help mills cut costs per tonne, improve product quality, reduce environmental impact and better compete in a global market.

    Rolling mill solutions

    Upgraded SKF Explorer four-row tapered roller bearings for work rolls
    At the show, SKF will launch the new SKF Explorer four-row tapered roller bearing design for work rolls featuring open and sealed variants that are identical, both dimensionally and in terms of load carrying capacity. The result sets a new standard for interchangeability between open and sealed bearings and provides unprecedented freedom to match bearings to application demands. The sealed variant of this recently upgraded SKF Explorer bearings also feature an optimised seal design that offers improved performance and reliability compared to the previous design.

    HSS seals for metalworking applications
    Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity of discussing HSS seals for metalworking applications. Combining an all-rubber lip with a reinforced body, HSS seals for the metals industry offer mills an easy-to-install solution for large diameter seals in mill stands. Providing the stiffness of a cotton fiber-reinforced seal, the HSS seals are  available with lips made from  nitrile rubber (NBR or either of two SKF-developed materials, SKF Duratemp (HNBR) and SKF Duralife (FKM).

    Caster solutions

    SKF self-aligning bearing system
    Combining a spherical roller bearing in the locating position and a CARB torroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position, the SKF self-aligning bearing system accommodates misalignments while eliminating the internal axial forces that can negatively affect load distribution in other bearing systems.

    SKF ConRo
    Visitors can also learn about SKF ConRo, a robust, self-contained, modular roll line that includes bearings, seals, housings, grease, roll bodies and if required, water connections. Featuring a patented sealing system that protects bearings from ingress of water and contaminants, SKF ConRo can help cut roll line operating costs by up to 50% and increase roll service life by up to 25%.

    SKF Caster Analyst System
    Also due to be exhibited is the SKF Caster Analyst System, which consists of a specialized load and temperature unit for advanced, reliable, real-time data collection during production. By measuring the temperature, load and load duration, and analyzing the data in comparison with process data, the system helps slab caster operators identify potential causes for production stops such as bent rolls, misalignment, cooling problems and more.

    Lubrication solutions
    With the combination of Lincoln and SKF lubrication solutions and capabilities, SKF is able to develop efficient automatic lubrication systems tailored specifically for the requirements of the metals industry. Several such systems will be on display at METEC 2015.

    Dual-line lubrication systems
    SKF dual-line systems, including SKF DuoFlex and Lincoln Helios, are ideal for harsh applications with many lubrication points over long distances. SKF dual-line systems will be on display on the caster and rolling mill exhibits.

    Multi-line lubrication systems
    SKF ProFlex and Multi-Flex or Lincoln Quicklub progressive automatic lubrication systems use a piston pump to supply a defined amount of lubricant through the main line to a metering device that serves each outlet. An SKF progressive automatic lubrica¬tion system will be on display at the conveyor exhibit.

    This single-point automatic lubrication system continuously delivers precisely measured amounts of lubricant to desired points via a gas-driven pump. SKF SYSTEM 24 will also be on display at the conveyor exhibit.

    Support services and technologies

    SKF Encompass Field Performance Programme
    SKF experts will be available to discuss the new Generalized Bearing Life Model. Developed as part of the SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme, the Generalized Bearing Life Model can help engineers, including those working in the Metallurgy Industry to calculate a more realistic bearing rating life by considering more influencing factors than ever before.

    To address customer needs for improved bearing field performance, SKF has optimised the design of a number of its bearings, including SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings. Upgraded SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings feature improvements in surface finish and heat treatment that help enable a service life twice that of the previous industry-leading SKF Explorer bearings, especially under contaminated or poor lubrication conditions.

    SKF Enlight
    Combining a powerful new mobile app with a special Bluetooth-enabled sensor, SKF Enlight allows non-expert staff to gather t data such as vibration and temperature information using standard mobile devices on demand.

    The package features three main elements: a mobile app entitled Data Collect, which turns a standard mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet into a data collection device; the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD), which is a special sensor that measures vibration and temperature data – and relays it to Data Collect via Bluetooth; and – if appropriate – ruggedized Atex Zone 1-compliant tablets and smartphones.

    SKF Insight at METEC
    Bearings have long been considered the heart of rotating machinery. SKF Insight makes them the brain as well. Enabled by self-powered, wireless sensors integrated in the bearing or housing, SKF Insight continuously monitors bearing load, speed, vibration, lubrication and temperature, then sends the data via the SKF Cloud for 24/7 access and analysis by customers, or SKF reliability experts at Remote Diagnostic Centers worldwide.

    In the past, condition monitoring techniques could only monitor bearing damage after it had occurred. SKF Insight can provide data to enable Bearing Health Management, a process that allows customers to see how real time operating conditions are impacting the health and remaining useful life of their bearings.

    SKF Remote Monitoring Service
    This SKF solution makes it possible for any mill with Internet access to implement a world-class predictive maintenance (PdM) programme for periodic or continuous monitoring of critical machinery. SKF Remote Monitoring Service is ideal for plants with limited staff trained in predictive maintenance techniques; operations with sites located remotely from a central facility; and original equipment manufacturers that desire to provide a value-added service to their customers.

    METEC is the Metallurgy industry’s largest exhibition, held once every four years. It takes place at the Trade Fair Center (Messe Dusseldorf) in Dusseldorf, Germany, on 16-20 June, 2015. Visitors to the event will find SKF at Hall 4, E20.

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