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Solutions de lubrification SKF pour l'industrie des machines-outils

Efficacité et fiabilité

Microlubrification de fraise

Les produits, les systèmes et l'expertise SKF permettent aux machines-outils de fonctionner plus rapidement, plus longtemps et plus proprement. Nos solutions de lubrification contribuent à améliorer la fiabilité et le rendement sur tout le cycle de vie des équipements et à optimiser les performances environnementales des opérations d'usinage.

Discover how lubrication systems help you to improve efficiency

A complete portfolio of lubrication solutions to improve system reliability

We provide a range of solutions from manual to automatic lubrication for bearings, linear drives and spindles. As well as minimal quantity lubrication for cutting processes and coolant pumps. Advantages of these solutions include increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership and a healthier, more environmentally friendly workplace.

SKF also can assist you in optimizing lubrication settings and intervals and in developing a customized lubrication programme.

Benefits of automatic lubrication systems

Operational benefits

  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Improves profitability

Maintenance benefits

  • Reduces repair costs
  • Extends maintenance intervals
  • Eliminates over- and under-lubrication

Safety benefits

  • Increases worker safety by eliminating manual lubrication of difficult-to-access points
  • Reduces risk of slips and falls when compared to manual lubrication
  • Reduces healthy impact of exhausted air

Environmental benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption through reduced friction
  • Reduces CO2 emissions and water consumption (MQL)
  • Reduces environmental impact due to more efficient use of lubricants

Solutions for challenging applications

SKF can provide lubrication solutions for virtually every application, including customized solutions for optimum function and efficiency. Our lubrication solutions protect machine tool bearings, linear guides, bedways, spindles, tools and workpieces from contamination or heat, helping to prevent unplanned downtime and increase machine availability.

Machine tools used in component manufacturing must meet high demand for productivity and efficiency. Whether lubricating machine tools involved in cutting, forming and casting, SKF has the right solution to optimize service life and reliability of your system. Also SKF has developed products specifically for use in volatile atmospheres, such as automotive painting lines.

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