Air Bearings

Intelligent tire pressure management from SKF

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As part of a joint development effort with Michelin Group, TRW Automotive Group, and Wabco, Inc., SKF has developed the revolutionary "air bearing" – a range of specialized hub bearing units that enable pressurised air to be transferred from the vehicle via the hub to the tyre.

Tire Intelligent Pressure Management (TIPM)

The system, known as Tire Intelligent Pressure Management (TIPM), not only monitors pressure in the tyre, but it can also re-inflate a punctured tire. Built atop Michelin's Pax System run-flat technology, TIPM consists of a pressure sensor and radio transmitter at each wheel, a dashboard-mounted control and display system, and an air compressor and distribution system.

During operation, the tyres' valve-mounted transmitters send information to the controller, usually located in the dashboard. If the controller discovers that pressure in any of the tyres is low, it signals the re-pressurization unit to return to its correct level of inflation.
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