Actuators from SKF

Based on DC-motor-driven ball screw actuator design, SKF actuators provide precise positioning control for a compressor's inlet and outlet sides. Mounted to control positioning for an inlet guide vane and/or variable geometry diffuser, SKF actuators allow operators to fine tune chiller performance for better control over their operating points.

Prevent backflow to protect motors

Actuators from SKF can also help protect the motor. Rapid control of diffuser and inlet guide vanes can replace a check valve, which is used to prevent backward flow of refrigerant in case of a power outage. The SKF actuator provides the protection of the check valve without the efficiency loss commonly associated with it, which can be as much as 1%. Other operating benefits include:
  • Increased compressor efficiency
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Optimized efficiency w/VFD, guide chiller and diffuser
  • Reduced warranty claims
  • Low acquisition price
  • Reduced assembly time
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