A new class of food safe ball bearing units

Design for hygiene and reduced cost

Innovation in bearing unit hygienic design and performance

Listen to what’s behind the innovation - Fabio Falaschi, Product Development Manager shares how the idea behind the sealing system was born and how him and the team raised the bar for bearing unit hygienic design.

Sealing system

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Food grade, allergen-free, detectable and corrosion resistant

Blue Range squared flange_Front and back
Complete seal ability from the back and  the front prevent ingress of contaminants. Blue materials aid optical detectability.
The Blue Range units have FDA and EC approved polyamide composite housing and a thermo polyurethane elastomer end cover, with the choice of stainless steel or zinc coated insert bearings. These are pre-lubricated with NSF H1, Halal and Kosher approved and allergen free grease. The sealing system has a stainless steel flinger and a FDA approved, synthetic rubber in blue color. 


Reduce warranty cost and total cost of ownership for food and beverage producers

Innovation brings differentiation, but not only. With reliable bearing units even in demanding processing environments, you can reduce warranty cost. Since units need no relubrication and last longer, food and beverage producers can make considerable maintenance savings.

Increase the potential for higher throughput

SKF Food Line ball bearing units - Oval Flanged
Hygienic geometry of housings and about 0,8 micron smooth surface finish
Since 33% less time is needed for cleaning of open units thanks to the hygienic design of all components and the relubrication-free features, you can offer more uptime for production*.

Here is the proof of superior cleanability and sealability 

Water, energy, CO2 savings are common targets for F&B producers. You can make a contribution to that through the design choice

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