A new class of food safe housing units

Minimize HACCP needs through proactive food safety solution

New research shows that mounted ball bearing units can actually be a source of food contamination.

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Reduce food safety risks with the new fully sealed Blue Range units

Blue Range squared flange_Front and back
Hygienic design and complete seal ability for better cleanliness. The blue colour makes it easier to detect potential contaminants.

Work proactively to reduce food safety risks by combining hygienic design, relubrication-free technology, corrosion resistant and food grade components. The bearing units are sealed both from the front and from behind. All units have an allergen-free grease fill.


How does the new SKF Blue Range units stand out from standard units that require relubrication? Microbiology and hygiene experts at RISE Institutes of Sweden have tested this in a typical industry washdown.

Operations can have more up-time for production

A patented bearing sealing system and exceptional grease performance contribute to extend bearing life and reliable bearing performance. Have the expert explain how.

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Reduce cost of maintenance and related costs

As the new ball bearing units have been designed for relubrication-free operation and increased performance even in harsh environments, you are able to reduce maintenance costs. 
For example, re-lubricating 100 bearing positions on a weekly basis requires 70 kg of lubricant/year. Not mentioning the labor to apply it.

33% less water use, energy saved, waste avoidance

You can achieve environmental gains, for example 33% less water used for cleaning hygienically designed open bearings compared to standard relubricable units and no disposal of grease absorbants.

How the new food safe and high performance units can bring you all above benefits

Available range

  • Blue Range

Available as fully sealed unit, or as open unit with no back seal and no end cover. Spare bearing in stainless steel or zinc coated for the open bearing unit. Suits 20-50 mm shaft bore diameter.

SKF Food Line ball bearing units - Blue Range family
  • Stainless steel range

Available as open unit, or with an optional white end cover (no back or base seal). Spare bearing in stainless steel. Suits 20-50 mm shaft bore diameter.

SKF Food Line ball bearing units - Stainless steel family
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