Turbulo Sludge Buoy

Sludge oil is a term commonly used to describe the waste oil mainly derived from the process of purifying fuel oils and lubricating oils help to ensure proper operation of ship’s machinery. In practice, the separated water from the purifying process mixes with the waste oil in the sludge tank.

The Sludge Buoy system is designed to separate this mix of water and waste oil by using the continuous gravity separation of free oil in tanks. The Sludge Buoy consists of a floating rod-guided separating disc with an integrated buoy as one unit.
The system helps to improve the downstream processes on board of all kind of vessels.

General description:
  • Separation of up to 6 m³/h pure oil
  • Function independent of the inclination of the vessel
  • Also operates in a high ambient temperature
  • Reliable, low maintenance
  • 100% oil resistant
  • No consumables
  • No power consumption
  • One-time investment, no spare parts needed
  • Easy to install by ship crew when tank is opened for inspection
  • Short payback time
  • No certificates needed
  • Supports fulfilment of IS0 14001 standards
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