SKF provides remote diagnostics for predictive maintenance to the Edison Chouest Offshore fleet

2015 May 03, 09:00 GMT

SKF has been selected to provide a remote monitoring and diagnostics solution to enable world-class predictive maintenance on a large fleet of vessels for Edison Chouest Offshore.
The SKF remote monitoring service will provide Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) with an ideal solution for effective monitoring and diagnostics of key assets in the main propulsion line. This includes the thrusters, diesel generators, electric motors, main drive shaft and auxiliary equipment. Continuous monitoring of these assets will enable ECO to optimise maintenance and significantly reduce the risk of unexpected failures and consequential costly downtime.
The solution provided by SKF is ideal for marine businesses as it transmits condition monitoring and asset integrity data from each vessel. The data is automatically collected and transmitted via an online system to the SKF global cloud server. The data will be analysed in detail at SKF’s remote diagnostics centre by certified machine reliability experts and then fed back via customised reports to the technical team at ECO. Vessel and fleet operators will then be able, in the event of excessive wear on the machinery, to proactively intervene before it reaches failure.
“The SKF remote monitoring service is the ideal solution for ECO’s large fleet. By monitoring the condition of equipment on each vessel remotely, predictive maintenance can be implemented cost-effectively for both the short- and long-term,” said Gavin Coull, Key Account Manager Marine, at SKF. Mark Duns Project Manager for ECO commented, “SKF was selected as a partner because of its extensive expertise in rotating equipment, remote diagnostics and specialist knowledge of the marine industry.”
ECO companies are recognised today as the most diverse and dynamic marine transportation solution providers in the world, operating a growing fleet of over 200 vessels. The fleet of vessels operate in various locations around the world including Europe, South America and Africa.

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