SKF helps Prague subway system monitor escalator gearboxes

The challenge

Damaged by exposure to heavy floods, 35 escalators in the Prague subway system required extensive repairs, including a complete gearbox refurbishment operation. Recognizing a unique upgrade opportunity and after the escalators were put in service, the maintenance department wanted to follow-up the new gearboxes running condition performance by implementing a condition monitoring campaign.

The solution

As part of a joint team supporting the escalator refurbishments, SKF application specialists suggested implementing a predictive maintenance program using SKF tools and technologies. SKF worked with subway operators to develop the program, then used SKF Microlog units to record and transmit to the maintenance department on regular basis the vibration levels of the gearboxes and drive bearings.

The results

The subway’s maintenance team reports overall improvements in uptime and reliability. Equipped with greater gearbox knowledge, the team has been able to anticipate and prevent costly bearing failures.

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