SKF Multilube automates straddle carrier lubrication for greater reliability

The challenge

At Sweden’s Port of Gothenburg, the straddle carriers that move and stack heavy paper containers had been troubled by frequent, unplanned downtime. A semi-automatic, semi-manual lubrication system had been providing inadequate lubrication, eventually leading to failed bearings and costly productivity losses.

Looking for a solution that would limit unplanned downtime and drive productivity, the port operator looked to SKF for lubrication options.

The solution

SKF suggested SKF Multilube – an automatic, centralized lubrication system designed for heavy vehicles with many lubrication points. SKF technicians identified 96 lubrication points on each truck, as well as 16 points on the sliding surfaces overhead. SKF also conducted a grease review to ensure that the optimum lubricant would be in use to accommodate seasonal temperature changes.

The result

The port operator reported that straddle carrier reliability and availability increased with the SKF Multilube system, allowing a corresponding reduction in unplanned downtime and maintenance demands. The precision lubrication eliminated over-greasing, allowing for a reduction in grease consumption, plus a much safer, grease-free work area.

Satisfied with the overall savings and increased productivity, the operator has decided to install SKF Multilube on the terminal’s remaining straddle carriers.
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